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YH22 Series Exclusive Hydraulic Press for Auto Girder Compression

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This series of presses are mainly suitable for the stretching and pressing process of automobile longitudinal beams, and can also be used for other metal sheet press forming and correction processes.


Performance characteristics:

The machine body of this series has two structural forms: three-beam multi-column type and combined frame type. The fuselage structure has been optimized by computer and has sufficient strength and rigidity. The operating space is spacious, the appearance is beautiful, and the whole machine has good rigidity.

This machine has independent power system and electrical system, adopts PLC control and multi-cylinder closed-loop synchronous control technology, with high control accuracy and good synchronization. Reserve interfaces with robots and peripheral equipment. It has the characteristics of high efficiency, high automation and high synchronization.

According to the process requirements of users with different length products, corresponding program control can be adopted to reduce power consumption.

The hydraulic system adopts the combination of integrated cartridge valve system and proportional control, which can achieve the requirements of large flow, high synchronization accuracy, and strong anti-eccentric load ability. The structure is compact, the action is sensitive and reliable, and it is convenient for fault diagnosis and elimination.


Optional parts and accessories:

Mobile workbench

Touch screen

Displacement sensor

Pressure sensor

Servo Motor Pump Unit

Making device

Blanking buffer device

Photoelectric protection device

Mold Recognition System

Refrigeration oil cooler

Loading and unloading device


YH22 Series Exclusive Hydraulic Press for Auto Girder Compression

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